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My name is Chris and I've been in the health and fitness business as a gym owner and personal trainer since March 2012.  My passion is working with others helping them to optimize their choices in order to live at their highest potential.

I believe in living as an example and I practice what I preach. My coaching is rooted in my life experience inside and outside of the gym.  

There is one specific event that changed the course of my thoughts and focus and subsequently the direction of my career in health and fitness.


In August of 2016 my family took a long overdue vacation together and spent a bit over a week in Montana right outside of Yellowstone National Park.  It was the perfect trip, we rented a cabin together and spent the days exploring in and around the park and the evenings around a camp fire. 


It was such a great time, definitely one of the best experiences of my life.  However, little did I or my brothers know the anguish that our parents were in.  A few days after returning home my dad asked to talk to me.  He then let me know that a week before the trip he found out that he had CLL a type of blood cancer.

I was in shock, we had such a great trip, he was happy and seemed to be in perfect health.  I felt helpless, what had caused this?  There had to be something that we could do.  How could I help? 

Just relying on the traditional western medical system alone didn't feel right to me.  This is when I began to redirect my energy and started to dive deep into holistic health.  Everything that I learned I shared with my parents.  

Its been a long journey but I'm proud to say that today my fathers blood panels are not only cancer free but his other markers are better than they have been in decades!


Listening to and giving your body and mind what it needs is a process.  I've made my share poor choices on my quest to find optimal health, and all of them have served as great learning experiences and teachers.  I've also taken direction from leaders in many different fields of health, fitness and good science and have had great success.  


It is my desire to be a guide and walk with you on your own unique path offering my experience and knowledge to assist you in achieving optimal health and vitality for yourself.  

Outside of owning and operating Of Life Holistic Coaching, I am the co-owner and head trainer at CrossFit 601in Jackson MS since 2012.  In this time I have amassed well over 10,000 hours of in person coaching hours along with programming for individuals and group classes.  Within this time I have received several certifications through CrossFit HQ including my Level 1 & 2 coaching certifications as well as mobility, gymnastics, and weightlifting.  


I have continued my education by studying under Training Think Tank and most recently with the C.H.E.K. Institute.  With TTT I have completed their Anatomy & Physiology, Strength Systems, Energy Systems, Program Design, and Movement courses.  Through the C.H.E.K. Institute I have received my Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 & 2 certifications along with Program Design, Swiss Ball Training, and Posture and Breathing certifications.  

I love learning and I'm continually in pursuit of knowledge in all areas that I'm passionate.  Taking what I've learned and immediately applying it to my life and training and offering the principals that I've found to be true to others.  I am constantly reading books, articles, blogs, listening to podcasts, and talking with other coaches to improve my craft.  There is no end goal to my pursuit, just a continued drive to always grow and evolve myself with better practices. 

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