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Quality Calories

Hello again, I hope that all has been well with you since we the last time that we met. And if this is your first time gracing us with your presence, welcome. I couldn’t be more excited about today’s topic not only because of the immediate positive physiological feedback that is experienced when Quality Calories are the priority. But also for the opportunity to view how our choices affect the world around us and how that is mirrored back to us.

But before we get into all of that, I will give you the quick and dirty of how I view dietary choices, for myself and for those I coach, with regards to optimizing health and vitality. It’s as simple as Quality, Quantity and Variety. And for the sake of this post I will be specifically focusing in on you guessed it, Quality.

So what does quality mean when it comes to our food choices? Quality is intrinsic to the individual and in trying to qualify it, I am going to just say that it meets the individuals values and needs. And as I have eluded to before, without taking the time to get clear on your values and your Dream or purpose in life, you are like a boat at sea without a compass. Your values will be given to you unconsciously by your upbringing and the culture that you live within. Or you can get clear on what is in alignment with that quiet, calm, heart-centered voice that comes from within, and use that as your North Star in all the choices that you make.

By taking a step back and examining the values and beliefs that we have around our conscious or unconscious food consumption, we are given a greater opportunity to see how our actions fall in comparison to our Values. To do this, I am going to assume that you are clear on your values when it comes to your health and quality of life. Next, we will need to define two terms that are similar at first glance but have a subtile but distinct difference. When it comes to our Values they can be both or either Dream Affirmative or Life Affirmative.

Life Affirmative Values are supportive of not only ourselves but also either support or have no negative impact on those in our sphere of influence and in our relation to the the Earth in general. And if you're into the Laws or Principals of the Universe, the Values that we have, the choices we make and the life we lead, when Life Affirmative are also supported ‘one to one’ by the Universe. So every step that you take in moving towards your Dream the Universe moves your Dream one step closer to you.

Next we have Dream Affirmative Values, and they, as you can probably guess, are supportive of and are in alignment with our unique Dream for our life. I would love to assume that everyone's Dream for their life is also Life Affirmative but unfortunately that is now always the case. For many who have unconsciously assumed the values of our culture, value is placed more on convenience and pleasure rather than the impact that that food choice is having on ourselves and the planet. And going back to the Laws of the Universe, any action or choice that is not Life Affirmative will not be supported by the Universe and you must supply the energy needed in that pursuit. The pursuit of wealth or prestige at the expense of others and the planet inevitably leaves the individuals Life Force drained and the Joy of success unfulfilling.

When it comes to the food choices we make for ourselves and those we love, I am going to define quality foods from the perspective of someone who is health conscious. These foods would have a very high nutritional value and would contain no toxins. I will define toxins as any man made or synthetic material that was not found throughout the evolution of the plant and animal kingdom up to the past 150 or so years ago. Remember these synthetics are not recognized by the body and are treated as toxins that must be removed from the body, and induces a “mild” stress response.

Theres one more piece to this thought process that we are working through. That would be Organic farming Vs. Commercially grown and produced foods. The most recent statistic that I’ve heard is that only 6% of the food consumed is Organic, that means that the rest of the food that is consumed contains all types of synthetics that the body recognizes as toxins. On top of that, the commercial food industry in its pursuit of profit and efficiency, has adopted mono-cropping. This practice rapidly depletes the soil and leads to the use of fertilizers and pesticides to keep production up. This method of agriculture is effective at producing a product, however that product is low in nutrition, high in toxins, and is not only disrespectful, but is destroying our planet, our home.

Then we have Organic or even better Bio-Dynamic farming practices and the wholesome complete nutrition offered in their products. There is skill needed for this type of farming, a connection to nature and her processes. The quality of the soil and the nutrition and Life Force that it gives to the plants and in turn the animals is of utmost importance. Organic and Bio-Dynamic farming are helping to restore our soils and the earth.

From this high altitude perspective we can see how our choices around what we put into our mouths has a direct effect on ourselves and the world around us. When we zoom in a bit onto our daily life, how does this play out? In my mind it always starts with awareness. By being conscious that our choices may or may not be Dream or Life Affirmative is starting the process of growth. When it comes to shopping for food - read the ingredient lists. If there are words you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce, it doesn't belong inside of you. Are there Organic options, could you make your own with organic ingredients? Or just buy more things that don’t need an ingredient label and are Organic.

I hope that this was helpful and has given you more perspective and courage to place a higher value and priority on what you bring into your body and what impact we are having on the world in which we all get to live. I love the way that everything works out perfectly; if we place more value on ourselves and consume the highest quality food possible, our health and vitality not only benefit but we are also living in a Life Affirmative way that reciprocates back to us more Life Force Energy that we can use in the creation of our Dreams for our life. Its Beautiful, but it also works in reverse and unfortunately, we can look almost anywhere and see that as well. So are your Values and actions Life Affirmative?

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