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At Of Life Holistic Coaching

We assess and address your health on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Bringing your body back into balance and allowing it to heal itself naturally the way that it wants to.

Getting your life and your body back into balance will become a reality in a few simple steps.

3 Steps to Success

    1.  Accept that your body wants to be in health

By understanding and bringing balance to our 4 quadrants of health will allow your body to heal itself naturally.

   2.  Commit to the 4 pillars of health.  

The 4 pillars of health that we will access, address and develop are Happiness, Diet, Quiet and Movement.  These 4 pillars of health are built of the 6 foundational principals of thinking, breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep and exercise/movement.  

   3.  Get back to your life

So many people feel bogged down and drained by the demands of life, and don't believe that they can get back to the things in life that they love.  This is simply not true.  By applying these principals to your life, you will feel your body naturally restoring itself back to health and allowing you to live life to the fullest.

8 Week "Back to Life" Small Group Coaching Program

"Back to Life" is an 8 week program that systematically walks a small group of individuals through the application of holistic principals into their lives.  The program consists of:


 Intake questionnaires - These will help me to get to know you and some of your needs before we start our first coaching session so that we can quickly begin to identify and implement the right lifestyle changes and improve your quality of life.

16 bi-weekly coaching sessions - The program will be centered around these bi-weekly online group meetings where we will discuss the course material, questionnaires and handouts.  We will use this information to determine each individuals needs and stress levels in each of the 4 quadrants of health and develop an actionable plan to bring you back into balance.  

Personalized Nutrition that works for you - We are all unique and there is not a one size fits all nutrition plan that will work for everyone.  Through our questionnaires and discussions we will work together to determine the ratios of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that meet the needs and requirements of your unique genetic makeup that has been passed down to you throughout generations.  

Individualized Restorative Exercise Program - We will work to find the correct stretches and exercises that meet your physical needs and will bring your body back into alignment so that you feel strong, energized and healthy.  Once a week you will meet with your coach for a in person training session to assure that your movement and form is optimal and that  the program is fully meeting your needs and that you are progressing.

Access to our Virtual Online Community - This will be provided by our member only Slack Channel.  Here you will have access to support from Chris 7 days a week, along with the ability to interact with others who are in a similar process of growth and healing.  This will allow us to share resources and to connect to a community providing you with motivation and support.

In Person Meet-Ups and Workouts- Meeting in person is so beneficial, it allows me the opportunity to help you improve your technique and address movement patterns that will allow you to get the most out of each stretch and exercise.  We also have monthly community classes at our home studio guiding you through movement and meditation.  

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