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What is a Holistic Approach to Health & What is this Blog About?

Well.. Hello, my name is Chris and this is my first blog post. I figured that I might as well come out and say that right from the start. However I have a gut feeling that I could really like this process and the outlet of expression that it offers.

That being said it’s obvious I have a double title for my first post.., so I think I should start with the second half first. What is this blog going to be about? Without going into much detail here, I’ve been in the fitness and health industry for over a decade now and I only grow in amazement of the beauty, complexity and inter-connectiveness of the human body and the mental/spiritual self.

My desire for this blog is to be a creative space where I can explore topics that are relevant and practical for everyone when comes to our health. As well as holding a safe space for anyone to ask questions or express opinions.

SO.. What does a Holistic approach to Health not only mean but what does it look like???

As I’m sitting her pondering on where to begin or how to encapsulate Holistic Health, I feel like I’m trying to give a definition of something as vast as Love or Nature. When viewing our life Holistically we quickly find that there is no aspect of what we call ourselves that is not included. When it comes to our vitality and health we find the way we feed ourselves, the way we move, our sleep patterns and quality, our thoughts and emotions, our connection to self and others, our personal time and space, our values and the Dream that we have for our life, all play equally vital roles. We are a complex system of interdependent and interconnecting systems, we are more complex than the allopathic approach.

So, now as I’m looking to give a summary of what a Holistic approach to Health is, I’d have to say…. That if our goal is to optimize our Health, our Vitality, our Life, we must begin by looking at the human being as a whole. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. Where there is an imbalance anywhere in the system it is felt everywhere in the system. So where there are health concerns or dis-eases in ourselves or others, we must begin by looking globally or wholly at that individual and follow the bodies guidance back to the root issue and address our health from there.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out and I’d love to hear anything that came up for you or for any feedback that you have.

Now that I have this first blog thing done, I’ll begin by thinking through some broader topics then we can continue to get more focused in as we go.

Thanks again and until next time..

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Jeff Rudis
Jeff Rudis

definitely spot-on how an imbalance in one area can mess up everything else!


I’m so happy you are doing this! Thanks!


Love you brother. Looking forward to reading more from you

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